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Bitcoin getting started guide

For users embedding on your own website: We have added a self-hosting .zip to avoid adblocker filtering.
If you experience any problems please contact me so I can fix it!


  • Incredibly simple- nothing to install, easily manage all your web miners.
  • Auto Exchange to your favorite coin on MPH
  • Turn any computer with a browser to a miner for you.
  • Low 1% mining fee.
  • Let your friends and family donate hashing power to you-- just share your mining link
  • New! Create a donation link to add to your website/blog/whatever allowing visitors to anonymously donate to you!


Just add your miner account to the list and begin mining right from your web browser. You can mine with as many browsers/systems as you like- just keeping this page open will mine for you.
You can choose to mine on any pool, and switch whenever you like. You can control all of your web miners from one page-- switch pools or adjust CPU usage.

How's it work?

  1. Add your Mining Pool Hub account to the form above.
  2. Use your direct mining link to add as many web miners as you like
  3. Profit!


Q: What are the fees?
A: This service ony takes a 1% fee to (hopefully) cover hosting costs, etc.

Q: Are you a mining pool?
A. No. We just allow you to mine to mine on Mining Pool Hub, from any web browser. You can accept donation mining, embed mining in your website to monatize without annoying users with ads.

Q: How do I get started?
A: Simple! Just add your account to the form above and mine away.


This site's mining donation is only 1%, so if you'd like to help a brother out, buy me a beer, or just be an all around awesome person, I'd truely appreciate it:

		BTC: 1BQXVNfxVVb7VuzggUVwqzgnDnLWJn5Mty
		XMR: 4BkxvEMHDnj6gNiJzFaw62K9NutC87b3S5fTYScKmAPhgm2BwkL5MnSVL6s6UDDd9bWTjyH8AdVRVS65vWGv3ZoWDxBTD6fue4HNNNhhm2


If you have any problems, questions, or whatever feel free to email me: info@cpufan.club


This project is not associated with any particular mining pool, or anything else for that matter.

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